Petaluma Healing Center

  Are you in pain?

Are you stressed and tense?

Do you have chronic health issues? 


Laurie Cahoon portrait

Do you need support to become healthy?

 Laurie Cahoon, L.Ac., acupuncturist, acupressure massage and holistic health practitioner, will partner with you to restore your health and wellness, utilizing these synergistic treatment modalities:

You can be healthy again!

You don’t have to live with unnecessary pain.

Pain (and chronic illness like Fibromyalgia) can:

  • increase stress and body tension
  • decrease your ability to work
  • make you feel tired all the time
  • make you depressed and anxious

Whatever type of pain you have, a decrease in pain and improvement in the quality of your life is entirely possible.

Laurie, my shoulder is so much better. A second visit to the physical therapist revealed improvement in range of motion by 20-50%. I credit your work with unblocking those energy channels.

~ Joyce L.

You can have more energy and less tension.

Feeling out of balance can occur at a physical level, causing:

  • fatigue
  • tension
  • unusual or recurring symptoms
  • a sense of being stuck or of “not being yourself”

Feeling out of balance emotionally is often experienced as:

  • extreme emotions
  • feeling “stuck” emotionally

Coming back into balance and reclaiming your health and vitality is within reach!

Chronic symptoms and illness can be resolved.

Many people develop patterns of chronic symptoms which either don’t resolve well on their own or are not relieved effectively by medical treatment.

Acupuncture, Zero Balancing, acupressure and Chinese herbs, are wonderfully successful at relieving many chronic symptoms by addressing the underlying imbalances in your body, mind, emotions and energy systems.

Amazing transformation available to you through Process Acupressure.

I realize what a difference you have made in my emotional and physical health…You not only treated, but nurtured me as a whole being. I am fortunate to know you. Thank you for your patience, for your warmth, and for your caring.

~ Patricia H.