Laurie performing acupressure

Soul Lightening Acupressure

Soul Lightening Acupressure (SLA) is a unique form of holistic healing that addresses the wholeness of the person, the body, mind, emotions and spiritual aspects.

Laurie uses the two branches of SLA, Clinical Acupressure and Process Acupressure in her practice. She chooses the modalities that will best serve your needs. She also interweaves these modalities with acupuncture and with Zero Balancing when appropriate.

 Clinical Acupressure

Clinical Acupressure (CA) promotes wellness and rejuvenation by accessing the life force energy of the body. At its core, this work relies on the inner wisdom of your body to absorb the treatment at the level that is most appropriate for you.

This form of acupressure involves gentle finger pressure massage on acupressure points on the body and is administered with the client fully clothed, lying on a comfortable treatment table. More than 80 acupressure formulas are available to address a wide variety of health concerns.

CA sessions provide the following benefits:

  • relaxation and stress relief
  • increase energy and a sense of wellness
  • access to the spiritual level of life
  • regulate hormones
  • balance emotions
  • address a wide variety of symptoms

Clinical Acupressure is an excellent alternative to acupuncture for people who don’t like needles.

Seva Stress Release

SEVA is a Sanskrit word for compassionate selfless service. Seva Stress Release was created as a gift to the world to relieve suffering.

Prepared by the teachers of Soul Lightening Acupressure following the events of September 11, 2001, it was first taken to ground zero in New York City to treat those who endured tremendous shock and stress.

This formula was designed to:

  • provide a strong calming and centering experience
  • relieve everyday stress or extreme stress
  • be grounding and stabilizing
  • support people who are dealing with trauma

It can provide a profound turning point for the individual to move toward true healing at the deepest levels.

Process Acupressure

Process Acupressure (PA) is a unique therapeutic modality that integrates bodywork with mental, emotional, and spiritual processing. Through deep relaxation and balancing the body’s energy systems, the whole being consciousness opens.

PA is a gentle, safe, self-paced way to explore:

  • issues
  • feelings and emotional patterns
  • relationship challenges
  • physical symptoms
  • work-related concerns
  • creativity
  • spiritual questions and aspects of life

Clients are empowered to control the pace and depth of this exploration at all times.

You can set up a series of sessions to work on ongoing issues or an occasional, single session to explore an issue from a new perspective. You can also use PA as a supportive therapy to enhance wellness or personal transformation.

As a comprehensive modality, PA:

  • promotes health, awareness and integration
  • supports personal growth and transformation
  • encourages deeper access to consciousness, emotions, spiritual awareness

It is administered with clients fully clothed, lying on a comfortable treatment table.


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Soul Lightening International

Laurie is a Faculty Member of Soul Lightening International. See classes page for information and to register to study Soul Lightening Acupressure to use for yourself or in your own practice.